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XXX Film Jobs FAQ

What is XXX Film Jobs?
The most powful way on the net to get connected with adult jobs.

Can I change my name?
Yes. Go to my stuff. Then click on account info. You can only do this a total of 3 times. Beyond that, you'll need to let the moderators know what name you wish to use.

Can I bling out my profile page? (images, links, video, music, etc)
Somewhat. We like to keep things clean. Images, link,Videos and music are allowed. but contact info visable are not.

How do I remove my profile from this site?
Well first, why the heck would you want to do that?! But if you insist, go to my stuff. Then click on cancal account. Please be aware that XXX Film Jobs doesn't completely delete profiles. They are removed from the public view, but only you can delete your content.

I closed my profile, but I want to come back. What do I do?
Woot! We're glad you came to your senses! You can reinstate your profile from your My Stuff page. Just make sure your bio and portfolio are up to date before trying.

How do I advertise on XXX Film Jobs?
coming soon.

I'm having difficulties viewing the site properly. Is there a certain browser I should use?
The site is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 7 and higher or FireFox version 3 and higher.

How do I make sure Google DOES NOT list my Adult job Place account when someone searches on my real name?
Though we don't control Google (no matter what anyone tells you), if you don't want Google to associate your Adult job Place account with your real name, then by all means use a pseudonym (fake name). If your real name is no where on your profile or your portfolio, it is very unlikely that Google will ever make the connection.

I seem to get spam emails to my email address.
First off, XXX Film Jobs will not give your email address to anyone without your expressed permission. If you are receiving spam emails after setting up an XXX Film Jobs profile, it is likely that you are listing your email address somewhere on your profile which is against our rules and can get you deleted.


Who can join Adult Job place?
Anyone with a sincere desire to work in the Adult industry that is over the age of 18.

Casting Calls
What is a casting call?
A casting call is a post in which you can advertise a project of your own, for which you need to hire* another MM member.

*The word “hire” is used loosely here, as it does not necessarily mean that you will be paying, but it does mean that you are not expecting to be paid or that there will be any charge to participate.

What does TFP mean? TFCD? TF*?
TFP means "time for prints". It's an arrangement where everyone contributes their time and skills to produce photos, but without monetary compensation. TFCD means "time for CD of images" and so on.

What is GWC?
GWC is an acronym for "Guy With Camera." It's a derogatory term for an amateur photographer. And it has taken the intraweb by storm thanks to MM. It usually implies that said guy is only interested in photography in order to get hot ladies to get nekkid for him.



More info coming soon.





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