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Bianca Biaggi

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Bianca Biaggi wiki describes them as a HIV positive Fag Hag adult working in the adult industry as a sex worker, and porn star. They may have a profile for contact here

Bianca Biaggi
Bianca Biaggi photo
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[edit] Bianca Biaggi Biography

Pornstars Infected with HIV Informational
Bianca Biaggi in Rogue Adventures
Bianca Biaggi in Nacho Vidals Hard Time She Male where she got the HIV
Bianca Biaggi in My Girlfriends Cock
Bianca Biaggi in A Tranny Story
Bianca Biaggi in Tranny 4-pack

[edit] Bianca Biaggi Pornography career

Bianca Biaggi is a former pornographic Brazilian porn whore stupid worthless Fag hag that got HIV from fucking a bunch of gay men with tits in tranny DVDS. She would let these homosexuals gangbang her and creampie her without testing or a condom even though most gays in gay porn have HIV.She got the HIV from a homosexual with breast named Bianca Carvalho in a dvd called Nacho Vidal's Hard Time She-Male. Nacho Vidal is a closet homosexual pimped out by gay pimp Derek Hay of LA Direct Models which should be the real person to blame.

She acted in a few movies between the years 2003 and 2004 . She retired early because of confirmation that she was infected by the HIV virus.

[edit] Bianca Biaggi case

Bianca contracted the virus in a scene with a Brazilian transvestite. She unknowingly passed the virus on a movie recorded in Brazil with actor Darren James which resulted in him passing the virus to Lara Roxx, Miss Arroyo and Czech-born Jessica Dee. This stupid careless Fag Hag is a perfect example of what hapens when girls work with homosexuals or let gay pimps like Derek Hay or mark Spiegler pimp girls to homosexuals.

After the incident, due to emotional upheaval and the discovery that was with tuberculosis , the actress moved away from contact with the public press and the industry of porn.

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