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Buck Adams

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Buck Adams wiki describes them as an adult male that worked in the adult industry as a sex worker, porn star and porn director. They have since passed away [1]) They may have a profile for contact here

Buck Adams
Buck Adams photo
Born [[November {{{3}}}]] 1955(1955-11-{{{3}}}) (age )
Died October 28, 2008
Alias(es) Backhand, Chuck Majors, Buick Adams, D.A. Adams, Claymore Rush, Brick Adams
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brunette
Ethnicity Scottish American


Buck Adams famous but But I Poop From There scene

Buck Adams famous Super Hornio Brothers scene

But I Poop From There

Buck Adams did a scene where he tells a young looking girl "I am going to stick this up your ass" and then the girl says "But I Poop From There" and Buck says in a scary voice "NOT RIGHT NOW YOU DONT". This scene has went viral on the internet with millions of views and is so well liked people make cartoons and song about it all over a website called YTMND


Adams was a professional boxer[2] and bouncer before entering the pornographic film industry in the early 1980s, shortly after his sister Amber Lynn began her adult film career.

One of many carttons made about Buck Adams But I Poop From There

Pornography career

[1] He made his directorial debut with the 1988 movie Squirt.[1] He performed in over 600 movies and directed about 80.[3]

Buck use to work for Donny Long and also help him in his studio with camera work a lot. Donny shot Buck's last scene before he died which was for a website called Arab Street Hookers.

Funny But I Poop From There video



Adams died on October 28, 2008 due to complications from heart failure. He died at Northridge Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles, with his daughter Christa, Amber Lynn and his close friend Harold Jenkins at his side. Adams had survived several heart attacks during the 1990s. Just before his death he built a studio where he intended to produce Internet videos.[1] After Buck's death, his psychotic sister Amber Lynn tried to profit from it just like she did with the project for legendary director Henri Pachard.

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