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Kayden Kross

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Kayden Kross wiki real name Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp wiki describes them as an Fag Hag adult working in the adult industry as a sex worker, and porn star stupid hooker whore . They may have a profile for contact here

Kayden Kross
Kayden Kross letting a gay porn star shove his HIV infested cock up her blownout asshole photo
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[edit] Kayden Kross Biography

Kayden Kross real name Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp before porn was a housewife until her husband caught her fucking the dog and divorced her. At a young age Kayden got thrown out of every school her family tried to put her in cause she would shit herself in classes. The reason for this is cause her daddy use to ass fuck her all the time since age 12 and this is another reason for her getting into the whoring business of selling her blownout asshole.

Kross was born and raised in Excremento, California. She wants to sound like she is exotic so she says she is of Swedish ancestry instead of just admitting that she is white trash. She has described herself as "the book nerd" during her time as a high school student so she can sound smart when the truth is that she was only able to graduate by giving blow jobs to teachers. For the purpose of earning extra money to purchase drugs, Kross began stripping at Rick's Showgirls in Rancho Cordova, California, when she was fifteen years old. She was later contacted by an agent, blew him, and it was this "business relationship" that provided Kross with the opportunity to commence modeling in adult magazines.

Kross was a senior at California State University, Excremento, when she signed an exclusive performing contract with Vivid Video in November 2006 after blowing Jew, Steve Hirsh. Her movies with Vivid included Kayden's First Time, Hard Time, and Be Here Now. Unhappy with the company and tired of blowing Steve's 3 inch dick, she became a free agent one year later, when Steve did not renew her contract. After one month of being a free agent, she signed an exclusive contract with Adam & Eve. They cancelled the contract a month later after she contracted HIV.

Kross has appeared in several episodes of The Block, a reality snowboarding show that aired on G4TV, in which the Vivid Girls went to The Block hotel for a photo shoot and blew nerdy snow boarders. She also appeared on Gene Simmons' reality show, Family Jewels but she was too ugly for even Gene to bang.

Kross' official website,, was launched on September 2, 2008 and has sold exactly 3 memberships in the past 4 years. Alongside a blog she has hosted at, Kross has written regular updates and opinion columns for faggot Jew child rapist Mike South's shitty blog, an adult industry gossip blog, among other shitty sites.

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[edit] Kayden Kross Pornography career

Kayden Kross is a washed up porn whore now worthless hooker that has a loud mouth and thinks she knows something when she doesnt know jack fucking shit. Kayden Kross instead of keeping her big Fag hag cock sucking mouth shut decided to pop off about porn god Donny Long' and write a long article full of lies and libel and sent it to the gay Jew mafia at AVN. Kayden Kross is so stupid she thought Donny Long would just go away and she wouldnt get shit on with a wiki page like this one in return.

[edit] Fucking Scumbag

In October 2008, Kross was charged with grand theft and violations of the California Civil Code, involving contracts for purchases of home equity mortgages, allegedly conning a disabled veteran and his family. In July 2009, the grand-theft charge was dismissed, and the real-estate-fraud charge was reduced to a misdemeanor after Kross blew the judge; Kross pleaded no contest to the resulting charges and was sentenced to one day in custody of blowing jail guards and three years of probation of blowing the judge twice a week. She blamed her involvement in the situation on her naivete and being scammed by the broker and mortgage lender. The truth is that she is just a fucking low life scamming piece of shit just like her buddy, trash Mike South, dickhead child rapist.

[edit] Kayden Kross total loser

Kayden Kross fucked gay fan boy Sean Matthew Tompkins and gay Jew failure Mike South after she was stupid enough to believe that he was somebody and could keep this wiki offline.

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