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Rocco Reed

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Rocco Reed wiki describes them as a faggot adult working in the adult industry as a sex worker, and porn star. They may have a profile for contact here

Rocco Reed
Reed takes it up his fag ass
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Pornography career

Porn God Donny Long called Reed out on his gayness in 2011. Reed and those close to Reed denied the rumors as he had previously been engaged to Asa Akira. However, Reed couldn't fight his cravings for cock, so he broke off the engagement and was taken under the wing of flaming homosexual and trannyfucker Christianx. As their relationship grew more serious, rumors that Reed was gay began swirling. Reed finally came out as a cock sucking faggot in 2012, proving that King Donny Long is right about EVERYTHING!
Rocco Reed Stars in His First Gay Orgy Scene Hot Like Fire


From AVN May 2013: Male performer Rocco Reed has decided to retire from performing in adult movies. In a statement sent to AVN, Reed said he felt it was time to pursue other business opportunities.

"I would like to state that my time in the adult industry in every aspect has now come to an end," Reed said. "I will no longer be living in the Los Angeles area and I'm taking the step to start other business ventures. I would also like to state that I am not or never have been gay(huh?), just an adult performer. I am retiring not because of any other reason than its time to move on. Thanks."

Sadly, rip off artist and convicted felon Rob Black claims that Reed retired because Black outed him as a fag, doubtful as porn God Donny Long posted this information well over TWO years ago.


Rocco may accomplish something Christian XXX could not do in his long career of banging anything with or without a penis, he may win awards for scenes shot for being a straight top and a gay bottom. We wish Rocco well but hope he stays on that side of the line.

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