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Ryan Driller

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Ryan Driller wiki describes them as an adult homosexual working in the straight adult industry as a sex worker, and porn star. ryan driller gay porn name Jeremy Bilding works in gay porn and tries to hide it from the straights so he doesnt lose work. They may have a profile for contact here

Ryan Driller
Ryan Driller aka Jeremy Bilding with a raging hard on up another mans ass with no condom or testing
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Ryan Driller Biography

Ryan Driller gay boy threatening to kill anyone that tells him he is gay and there is no such thing as gay for pay

Driller is known also as Jeremy Bilding, he is also known as the one time paramour of former Naughty America director Laura D. now directing for Brazzers on the gay side, directing Rocco Reed in his first gay shoot. Driller's biggest role was as Superman, in a Vivid produced parody directed by the legendary Axel Braun. His father in the movie, Jor-el, was played by Dale Debone, working with these two dopes would make anyone run back to sucking cock for cash right quick.

Ryan Driller Pornography career

Ryan is a closet homosexual that does a ton of condomless gay porn and gay privates (unprotected upon request) and says he is only "gayforpay". When straight porn god Donny Long told him there was no such thing and that if his dick got hard for another man then that meant he was homosexual he threaten to kill Donny and his family. Its not the first time Donny has been threaten of getting hit with a faggots purse for calling them gay. Driller is just mad at being exposed as a homosexual and jealous of King Long's ability to do porn without going gay, open a studio, build sets, fuck hot porn stars, and sell the company and retire a rich man.

Be advised that this performer is high risk and may be HIV+. Cameron Reid was said to have contracted HIV from a gay private and Driller books frequent gay privates as well. So it's only a matter of time before he contracts HIV+ as well, if he hasn't already. Extremely high risk! Avoid! Do not hire!

Driller is in serious denial about his homosexuality. Some of the things he has said on Twitter:

"I'm not gay."

"I don't fuck men at all."

Ryan "I don't fuck men at all." Driller prepared to Drill a faggot in the ass.
Ryan's not gay, he's just doing what every straight guy does and gets sucked off and fucks another man.

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